Unveiling new showroom in cooperation with Beter Duurzaam in Netherlands.

3. June 2022

TESLA 50Hz and Beter Duurzam
openes new showroom in Netherlands.

Given the current situation as well as the need to develop RES, Beter Duurzaam and TESLA 50Hz form a partnership to implement complex energy projects based on BESS manufactured by TESLA Blue Planet for the Dutch market. 

Targeting agricultural segment
The aim of the cooperation focused primarily on the agricultural segment in the Netherlands is to solve problems with the price of Electricity, and restrictions on the export of surplus Electricity produced from local PV to the grid, which limit the maximum installed capacity of PV and thus maximize production for own consumption.

TESLA 50Hz NL together with TESLA Blue Planet and Beter Duurzaam is bringing to the Dutch market comprehensive energy services (EaaS) based on RES, BESS, and AMOS, a  predictive, optimizing fully automated energy management system. 

The use of BESS from TESLA Blue Planet in cooperation with the AMOS, energy management system, will enable clients to increase local Electricity production at better prices, its storage and use at the appropriate time when consumption is higher than current production, as well as provide flexibility services for the network, which are an additional source of income for the systems that improve their economic return.

TESLA 50Hz is focused on the creation and implementation of business models to achieve optimal economic return BESS thanks to the combination of local services with network flexibility services, the provision of which is enabled by its own EMS AMOS developed in TESLA 50Hz.

Show room with added value

For demonstrating real-time solutions to customers  Beter Duurzaam and TESLA 50Hz have agreed to jointly create a showroom with integrated PV + BESS + EMS + EV charger technologies so that clients can try out the possibilities of such a comprehensive system using a real-time example. The next step is to connect the system that provides flexible services to the network. The exterior Battery Storage System is connected and fully implemented to the grid and is also used for presentation purposes.