TESLA Blue Planet is participating at EXPO Dubai 2020

5. November 2021

Join the creation of a new world …

This is the motto of the current world exhibition EXPO 2020 Dubai

The aim of the EXPO is to present global progress in all major areas of urban development, transport, information technology, nature protection up to current progress in the space program.

At the same time, any progress of humanity is connected with energy – the acquisition or supply of electricity. Energy is another industry that will undergo a huge transformation in the coming years compared to what we know today. A fundamental change is the transition from a centralized energy concept to a decentralized one.

These changes are caused by population growth, urbanization, the development of information and computer technologies, general electronics and digitization, electromobility or human plans to start settling nearby planets. All this needs stable, cheap and ubiquitous electricity, which can be built very quickly, easily scaled and cheaply maintained.

The current centralized production and distribution system will be replaced by the concept of decentralized local hybrid power plants, which TESLA Group is conceptually developing and technologically developing and is already building in selected countries. Because we feel part of the idea of ​​”creating a new world” and we want us to “bring energy for a better life” with our idea. We are honored to be a part of this event and to present our unique solutions.

Today, finally, most of us have begun to take seriously the risk of rising energy prices that have begun. However, this growth has long been forecast, as in the long run there is a problem with meeting customer needs. That is why it is important to take advantage of the possibilities of replacing traditional forms of energy supply in a modern way, which is what the concept of Hybrid Power Plants brings.

The Hybrid Power Plant operates on the principle of generating energy at the point of consumption with combined consumption / supply from / to the distribution network, maximizes the use of solar economic energy and continuous storage of electricity in batteries provides stable and more efficient electricity supply and offers new business models, bringing consumers savings and energy. technical-operational benefits to the operator.

The concept of the TESLA Hybrid Power Plant

Within the thematic block “Urban & Rural” week, TESLA Blue Planet presents the product line of Battery Energy Storage COMMERCIAL BESS for hybrid solutions, designed to increase natural energy consumption and reduce energy costs in commercial and industrial buildings, such as large office buildings; business and common centers; rating; industrial halls and industrial zones; logistics parks; parking lots and production charging stations for electric cars or businesses and agricultural operations.

Kind regards,

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Dušan Lichardus 
Chairman of the Board

TESLA Blue Planet 

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