TESLA Blue Planet installed a 100 kWp Rooftop PV to reduce energy costs

6. July 2022

TESLA Blue Planet (TBP) installed a 100 kWp Rooftop PV to reduce energy costs

  • Design, Dimensioning, installation, and service of Photovoltaic Power Plant 100 kWp
  • Renewable and energy-efficiency solutions provided

TESLA Blue Planet launched 100 kWp rooftop PV installation for the producer of concrete products. Installation should bring reduction of energy costs and contribute to the protection of nature. TBP’s responsibility includes design, dimensioning, installation, and electricity supply from the local photovoltaic power plant.

Energy Management system AMOS

Integral part of the innovative TBP local PV power plant design is energy management system AMOS (Advanced Microgrid Optimization System). In essence AMOS provides customer with energy management support to help Customer significantly maximise savings of electricity costs.

TESLA Blue Planet
Member of TESLA Group

TESLA Blue Planet is integrator of complex mid and large-scale solutions for generating and storing green energy. We build energy storage facilities, integrated microgrids, hybrid, and community power plants, and energy infrastructure optimized for electromobility. TBP design, dimension, construct, operate & maintain solutions with the highest level of automation. In fact we guarantee the best energy assets performance. We deliver clean, stable, and cheap electricity for your operations and reduce your carbon footprint at the same time.

PREFA invest, a.s.
is a young dynamic company that builds on the traditional foundations of concrete production in the Sučianská factory. The production of prefabricated buildings intended for the construction of industrial buildings, shopping centers, administrative buildings and housing construction has been taking place in its premises since 1948. The company’s present dates back to 2012.