Battery Energy Storage Systems

Peak shaving
Frequency control (FCR)
Ancilliary services
Cooperation with renewables
Price arbitrage
Quality of supplied power
Island grid operation
TERRA Commercial building storage
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SOLIS Industrial sites storage
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VENTUS Utillity infrastracture storage
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Built on premium technologies

The strength of Kokam’s premium lithium ion battery technology relies on efficiency, safety, and high power.

CATL is a global leader of new energy innovative technologies, committed to providing premier solutions and services for new energy applications worldwide.

  • Time Shifting
    from the grid or Solar (renewables)
  • Flexibility
    store electricity surplus and returns it when is a shortage
  • OFF Grid
    become less dependent on centralized energy, distribution and transmission systems,
  • Peak Shaving
    reduce your peak demand and lower electricity costs.
  • Decarbonization
    reduce carbon intensity by consumption of own energy from renewable sources
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LOCATION: Apeldoom, Netherlands, POWER: 50 kW / CAPACITY: 151 kWh, BATTERY CHEMISTRY: Li-ion NMC, COMMISSIONING IN: 2022

Solution was proposed concerning the priority of using the battery system for storing surpluses,
which would otherwise be supplied as clipped energy to the grid - which is not economically
advantageous compared to the price of electricity purchase. In this way, the reduction of export energy
to the delivery grid and the increase of its local use are achieved. Other services such as peak shaving and
imbalance services are used also.

LOCATION: Levice, Slovakia, POWER: 5 830 kW / CAPACITY: 2 914 kWh, BATTERY CHEMISTRY: Li-ion NMC, COMMISSIONING IN: 2022

Solution uses a battery energy storage system in cooperation with turbines, where the
system would be charged and discharged in such a way as to cover the peak demand for changes in
turbine power, for which these changes would be technically limited and economically
disadvantageous. The dimensioning of the system is in such a way that it can maintain the size of the
currently provided services aFRR+/aFRR-, the design of the capacity takes into account the degradation
so that it complies with min. for 8 years.

The Battery system serves to provide optimization of the capacity contracted to DSO, which today
could not be optimized even by using CHP due to their possible outage and long restart.
At the same time, the battery system will provide flexibility services for the electricity supplier for the
industrial area (imbalance services) in cooperation with the CHP up to a value of 0.8 MW.
LOCATION: Liptovský Hrádok, Slovakia
POWER: 150 kW
CAPACITY: 151,6 kWh