Battery Energy Storage System 5.2 MW, 2.9 MWh


Slovakia, Levice, PPC 48 ° 11’35.8 “N 18 ° 35’60.0” E


Veolia Energia Levice, a.s.

Einsteinova 25

851 01 Bratislava

Implementation date:



Battery energy storage system
2 pcs Bidirectional AC / DC Converters FREEMAQ PCSK FP2820K from Power Electronics
26 pcs Lithium-ion battery rack, G / NMC, 112 kWh, 1000Vdc from LG Chem (JP3 cells) placed in a container.

Key attributes:

Electrical output 2x 2915 kVA
Installed battery capacity 2914kWh


Provision of ancilliary services (aFRR +) with cooperation of gas turbine

The battery system works in parallel operation with a gas turbine to provide services for TSOs. The battery system covers the fast and dynamic changes required by the TSO, which the gas turbine itself would not be able to provide, due to technical limitations, resp. could not meet in the required time. In addition, the battery system optimizes the operation of the turbine, where it covers short and dynamic changes and it is not necessary to cover these with operation that would be inefficient and cause increased fuel consumption.

Description of technology operation:

The device is primarily intended to supply the necessary electrical power to the network so that the start-up of existing turbines providing support services to full power takes a maximum of 7.5 minutes.

Scope of implementation:

Delivery of inverters
Delivery of batteries
Production of Battery Storage
Assembly and installation of battery storage included in the scope of delivery