Battery Energy Storage System TERRA 50 kW / 151 kWh


Apeldoom, Netherlands  52.2112° N, 5.9699° E


Beter Duurzaam

Implementation date:

June 2022


Battery Energy Storage System

Key attributes:

Power: 50 kW
Installed energy: 151 kWh
Battery cell type: Li-ion NMC
Converter type: bidirectional AC / DC converter GRIDCON PCS 400 4×85 kW

Customer challenge:

Installation of a battery system for use with a local photovoltaic solution installed on the roof for its maximum use, especially during off-peak hours.


The solution was proposed with regard to the priority of using the battery system for storing surpluses, which would otherwise be supplied as clipped energy to the grid – which is not economically advantageous compared to the price of electricity purchase. In this way, the reduction of export energy to the delivery grid and the increase of its local use is achieved. Other services as peak shaving and imbalance services is used also.

Scope of supply:

Delivery of the battery system to the site – installation only within one day with remote commissioning.Connecting the system with the PV installation and configuring the EMS (energy management system)in the battery.