Battery Energy Storage System 344 kW / 688 kWh



Lučenec, Slovakia  48.3095° N, 19.6792° E


Enstra a.s.

Implementation date:

May 2021


Battery Energy Storage System

Key attributes:

Power: 344 kW
Installed energy: 688 kWh
Battery cell type: Li-ion LFP
Converter type: bidirectional AC / DC converter GRIDCON PCS 400 4×85 kW


Solution for optimizing the use of existing energy sources (cogeneration units) in the industrial area by providing new functionalities.


The battery system will serve to provide optimization of the capacity contracted to DSO, which today could not be optimized even by using CHP due to their possible outage and long restart. At the same time, the battery system will provide flexibility services for the electricity supplier for the industrial area (imbalance services) in cooperation with the CHP up to a value of 0.8 MW.

Scope of supply:

The delivery included the preparation of the installation site, the implementation of a type of container solution to maximize the outdoor space and the connection of the battery system to the client’s central control system and the output of electrical power to the main substation.