Battery energy storage system of the container type 340 kW/688 kWh



Lučenec, Slovakia  48.3095° N, 19.6792° E


Enstra a.s.

Implementation date:

September 2021


Battery energy storage system

Key attributes:

Power: 340 kW
Installed energy: 688 kWh
Battery cell type: LFP, CATL prismatic 280Ah
Converter type: bidirectional AC / DC converter GRIDCON PCS 400 4×85 kW


Time shifting
Peak shaving
Power Quality (Reactive power compensation, Voltage and Frequency support, Phase balancing)
Inverter has a built-in active filter function (filtering up to the 51st harmonic)

Description of technology operation:

The battery storage used for the MECOM LC client is connected to the installed cogeneration units in parallel. It is used for temporary storage of surplus electricity produced in cogeneration units for their later use. time when there is a shortage of electricity. The secondary function of the battery storage is to manage compliance with the reserved capacity in accordance with legislative regulations

Scope of implementation:

Battery storage of the container type with dimensions of 5x3x2.5 m. The container is divided into 2 rooms, while in one room there are 3 battery racks, each with an installed energy of 229 kWh. The second room contains a technological switchboard, a control switchboard and a bidirectional AC / DC converter. Adherence to the prescribed operating temperatures of the equipment in the container is ensured by air conditioning, which consists of two outdoor units and 3 indoor MITSUBISHI units (total cooling capacity 25 kW). The container has a fire detection system and technological fire extinguishing equipment containing FirePro fire extinguisher.