Battery energy storage system 150 kW / 151 kWh

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Liptovský Hrádok, Slovakia 49.0363° N, 19.7372° E


Enstra a.s.

Implementation date:

April 2021


Battery energy storage system

Key attributes:

Power: 150 kW
Installed energy: 151,6 kWh
Battery cell type: NMC, KOKAM 103Ah, pouch type
Converter type: bidirectional AC/DC VONSCH GSE Control 3f 400/160


Time shifting
Peak shaving

Description of technology operation:

The 150 kW / 150 kWh battery storage is connected in parallel to the already installed 50 kW battery storage with an installed energy of 50 kWh. The total output of the storage installed in the TESLA LH production hall will be increased to 200 kW. The repository is used for temporary storage of surplus electricity from the photovoltaic power plant, located in the TESLA LH plant, and for its later use. It thus performs two functions: it charges when there is an excess of electricity and it discharges when there is a shortage of electricity. The second function is the management of compliance with the reserved capacity according to legislative regulations.

Scope of implementation:

The 150 kW battery storage with an installed energy of 151 kWh consists of a two-way AC / DC converter VONSCH GSE 400/160 and a battery rack KOKAM 151.6 kWh. The battery rack contains a BPU (Battery Protection Unit), with protective and control elements – BMS (Battery Management System) and it is also equipped with a technological fire extinguisher with FirePro fire extinguisher. Energy flow and battery storage management is provided by a control system with its own EMS (Energy Management System).