Integrating eBuses charging solution as part of microgrid

Current situation:
Today in Europe there are around 4 000 electric
buses running a small part of the global circulating of
400 000 units of electric bus.

Even number of ebuses rises each year, the share of
sales in Europe was at 2019 at volume of 10%, still
today, roughly 98% of the electric buses in the world
are deployed in Chinese cities.

Urban mobility accounts for 40% of green house gas
emissions of road transport and up to 70% of other
pollutants from transport.

Solution concept:

Construction of optimized eBuses overnight charging infrastructure at the stations.
Adding local sources based on renewables or combined sources (heat&electricity).
Find right share between opportunity and overnight charging.
Construction of optimized eBuses opportunity charging infrastructure at the end-points of lines.
Super-fast charging infrastructure integrate with stationary battery storage systems.
Production and consumption management with the possibility of using flexibility for another benefits.