Integrated fleet eVans chargings solution as part of microgrid concept

Current situation:
Deutsche Post DHL Group today operates the largest electric fleet in Germany
Around 28 percent of PostNord’s fleet is electric vehicles
Amazon’s recent order of 100.000 electric cargo vans
FedEx purchased 1,000 electric panel vans in 2019
UPS is ordering 10,000 electric vehicles
IKEA have already been switching their delivery vehicles to electric
Electric vehicles at least for now have come at a higher price than their ICE
equivalents , but bring with them the promise of substantially lower running
costs . In the UK, some EVs are already three times cheaper to run than ICEs over
every 100 miles driven
There’s also the question of ongoing maintenance , in which electric vehicles are
already light years ahead . To put things in perspective : the average ICE vehicle
has 2,000 moving parts while an EV has just 20.

Solution concept:
Construction of optimized fleet charging infrastructure
Charging infrastructure integrate with stationary battery storage systems
At the charging sites add local sources based on RES or use of existing local sources for example CHP in heating system
Production and consumption management with the possibility of using flexibility for grid services