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26. November 2021 TESLA Blue Planet taking part at Planet Budapest 2021 Sustainabillity EXPO Hungary.

We will be present at Solar Solutions International on Tuesday the 28th, Wednesday the 29th and Thursday the 30th of September 2021 in the Expo Haarlemmermeer, nearby Schiphol Airport, the Netherlands. For more information…

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28. May 2021 Microgrid for Hotel & Wellness

Possible considered solutions:
Photovoltaics – as a suitable use of the roof area for the production of clean green energy from almost maintenance-free and very reliable equipment.,
Batterysystem – to optimize the use of energy for the customer, reduce the cost of reserved capacity, maximize the use of own sources but also as a backup source for periods of outages.
Cogeneration – for solving our own high-efficiency combined heat and power generation as an optimal method of production and ensuring maximum efficiency.
Electromobility – as a service to clients and support for reducing local emissions from transport and improving air quality. For more information…

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Latest case study
25. July 2021 Battery energy storage system of the container type 340 kW/688 kWh

Battery storage of the container type with dimensions of 5x3x2.5 m. The container is divided into 2 rooms, while in one room there are 3 battery racks, each with an installed energy of 229 kWh. The second room contains a technological switchboard, a control switchboard and a bidirectional AC / DC converter. For more information…

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